Bagavather His Life and Times

Bagavather His Life and Times

Monday, May 31, 2010


Hello Friends !!
I have written and just published a biography on M K Thyagaraja Bagavather in English. 

It is a result of research that I undertook over a few years and I am happy that I was able to release it on 15th May 2010. 2010 is the year in which Bagavather's 100th birthday fell on 1st March. But it is a Birth Centenary Release more by coincidence as I had planned to finish and publish it much earlier than recently.

The book is about 540 pages long (including the Preface pages) and has a collection of information and photos hitherto not collected in one place. It has a nearly 200 pages section on the most sensational murder trial witnessed by Madras, as it was then called, till date, the Lakshmikanthan Murder Case.

About Bagavather himself, I have presented ample material to bring out the different facets of his personality. I have used sources from that period and  quoted references from many magazines and books from the respective years of his life itself to ensure the authenticity of the material I have presented. I have tried my best to ensure authenticity even in minute details. For instance, I may refer to the spelling of his name.
M K Thyagaraja Bagavathar is the most common. But Bhagavathar or Bhagavatar are also variants that are often used. But from his signature, I figured out that he spells his name as 'Bagavather' and I thought it would be appropriate if I adopted that spelling. A couple of people asked me about it, so I thought I would mention it here.

The book is hardbound with full rexin binding and wrapper. It is priced at Rs. 495 and published by Mrs. Sumithra Balakrishnan, my mother. 

You can contact me by email for copies of the book:

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Mr Suresh Balakrishnan 
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Looking forward to talking more with you through this blog

People who have already read it, tell me how you like it...cheers